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Best Luxury Hotels around the World

One of the best pleasures of the life is traveling and enjoying delicious foods, a lot of people if not every people like to have nice vacations and travel to exotic places to try and know new things. Either is local vacations or international vacations we always want to take everything out of them.

Traveling and enjoying new experiences doesn’t particularly means you have to spend a lot of money, that’s what make traveling so special that you can afford it with little money, however, if you have a little more than a budget to spend on something you desire, you would probably be able to spend the money in one of the luxury Hotels that are going to be mentioned in this article.

The hotels that are going to be mentioned are among the top luxury hotels around the world, and the hotels that a few people can afford in order to give their travel experience a plus, many of them are famous because they have hosted celebrities or even have appeared in movies.

Palms Casino Resort (Las Vegas, United States)

Who doesn’t ever wanted to have fun and a crazy vacation in Las Vegas, the city of the motto “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. The sin and gambling city that has a lot of attractions and spectacular places to go like the “zero gravity club” in which you basically have a party the way it would be in space.

Among many others attractions, we can find the Palms Casino Resort, located at west of the city, this spectacular hotel counts with over 700 rooms a bar, gym, casino, and even its own McDonalds. Is famous for high roller living, and it has one of the most luxury suites in Las Vegas.

The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa resides there too, for those who don’t know who this man is; he is the Playboy creator. It also has “The Pearl” which is an enclosure with three floors that can harbor 1000 to 2500 people.

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This dream hotel with 46 floors is famous among young celebrities and wealthy people that can afford it.

The Palms was opened in 2001 it has a casino with 95,000 square feet and an interesting fact is that in 2007 hosted the MTV Music Awards.

The Plaza (New York City, United States)

The big apple, one of the most visited cities in the world by tourists and one of the most important cities too. New York is a city that can fit everyone’s tastes; it has too much to offer to every person.

It has museums, natural parks, famous theaters, etc. Among the interesting place to visit in New York, we can find the liberty statue, the Empire State Building, the fifth avenue, and so on.

The Plaza Hotel is located in the famous fifth avenue of New York, a famous place seen in movies, television etc.

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The Plaza was established in 1907, it looks like a French Castle and cost 12.5 million dollars to be made it by that time, the room cost 2.5$ by the time. Right now the cost of that same room is about 3,750$

The Plaza is also known by fancy people for its VIP Royal Plaza Suite, that has a spectacular view of Manhattan and has three bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen with personal chefs, a gym, a library and a piano (for the artistic ones).

It is also famous because the famous British band of “The Beatles” stayed there in their first visit to the United States in the year of 1964, besides it appeared in Home Alone 2 the famous Macaulay Culkin movie in 1992.

The Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi, Arab United Emirates)

Now we are going to the Arab United Emirate, this place has become in a few years in a massive city with luxury and wonderful things like modern and advanced architectures, it has the highest building of the world too which is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

It is clear that Abu Dhabi is one of those places for wealthy people so if you want to go there and enjoy all the things that offers, you better have a lot of money to spend.

You also have to be concerned that is a place ruled by Islamic rules that mean you can go crazy and do whatever you want to like The Palms, this might get you in jail.

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It was established in 2005, is the most expensive hotel to be ever constructed, it cost 3,000 million dollars for its construction it has two massive pools and a private beach

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It counts with over 300 rooms and 92 suites (some of the suites are only for Emirate´s officials), and the prices of them range between 400$-11,500$ the night. For decoration, they used marble and gold for the domes.

Burj Al Arab (Dubai, Arab United Emirates)

We can say Dubai is the developed desert of them all, it has the highest building (Burj Khalifa) and much other building with advanced technologies and architecture styles.

The Burj Al Arab is considered the only 7-star hotel. Built on an artificial island and is one of the highest hotels in the world with 321 meters high.

The construction of it last five years since 1994 to 1999 and it has the shape of a sailing boat, and as well as The Emirates Palace it has decorations with gold and marble in its interior.


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The Burj Al Arab has just 202 suite rooms and the prices vary depending on the size of it between 2,500$ and 40,000$ per night. It also has an underwater restaurant that offers you a view of aquatic animals

In the top of the building has a heliport that many people think is a Tennis court because Roger Federer and Andre Agaasi played there once.

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces (Mumbai, India)

Mumbai might not be the most visited place in the world but that doesn’t mean they can’t have one of the most luxury hotels in the world, and an incredible history behind.

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata was the founder of this magnificent palace in 1881, the reason for the creation was that Jamsetji once went to the Watson´s Hotel in Mumbai and he was rejected from it because they only hosted Europeans. This made Jamsetji establish a huge palace that would beat all hotels in the area of Mumbai.

Taj Hotels and Resorts are now a chain of hotels that has several facilities around the world; even one in San Francisco, United States called Taj Campton Place.

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Atlantis Paradise Island (Nassau, Bahamas)

This huge hotel located in the capital of Bahamas has its own beach and luxury suite rooms like the other hotel mentioned in the list, this hotel is also a big employment generator because it houses over 6000 people.

The suites rooms are also decorated with 22-karat gold chandelier, grand piano, entertain centers. It also has to be mentioned that its name is due to the lost city of Atlantis.

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Mardan Palace (Lara, Antalya, Turkey)

Consider Mediterranean most expensive hotel, Mardan Palace was established in 2009, has a 5-acre pool and restaurants with aquariums that host thousand of different fish varieties.


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The cost of its construction was estimated over 1, 4$ billion, and has a total of 560 rooms. They also implemented sand from Egypt, gold and Italian marble for decoration.

An interesting fact about this hotel is that in 2015 was bought by HalkBank for only 124$ million.

There are plenty more Hotels in the world that are considered luxury and expensive, most of them are unaffordable for many people, but others like The Emirates Palace has the option to get a room for only 400$ a night.

This is not a so expensive option if you want to be in one of the most luxury hotels in the world. And if that is still unaffordable you can go and visit them if you want to.

In conclusion, whatever is the case if you can or cannot afford one of these places, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a blast in the places they are located in.

In fact, who would like to spend that amount of money for a room just to sleep, the most awesome things you can visit from a city are outside of the actual hotels.

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