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At the start of the 20th Century, wealthy individuals have begun commandeering large private yachts for personal pleasure – this is merely the dawn of the phrase “luxury yachts.” However, for the past decade or two, there has been a huge increment in the popularity and numbers of these large private luxury yachts.

They epitomize elegance at sea. Staffed with a crew of professionals and offering quality service and eagle-eyed attention to detail – the interior looks of these yachts are certain to astound even the most discerning traveler.

Luxury yachts is a representation of a self-contained world, with world class accommodation, five-star dining, and every amenity your heart could desire, all at your fingertips while cruising some of the most magnificent ports and coastlines in the world. Yacht trips offer a timeless experience in a free paradise, inspired by amazing moments that promises to etch into your memory forever.

A holiday onboard with a yacht will see you sipping on a refreshing cocktail while taking in the panoramic view of the burnt orange sunsets and turquoise waters. All this are afforded, and you won’t have to sacrifice on any quality or comforts.


Luxury yachts are particularly bountiful in the Mediterranean seas, but more recently there has been an increase in yachts cruising to even more remote areas of the world. These popular yacht charter destinations are known to vary from season to season, but some of the most popular and most enjoyed destinations include:

  • The Mediterranean
  • The Caribbean
  • South East Asia


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The azure beauty of the Mediterranean attracts travelers with its spectacular cuisine, fine wines, and alluring history of breathtaking architecture and ancient civilizations. Western Mediterranean destinations include; the South of France’s pristine Cote d’Azur, the Balearics, Sicily, the spectacular Amalfi Coast, Corsica and Sardinia’s Cala di Volpe. Some exceptional destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean region range from the likes of the different Greek Islands that lures visitors to come back over and over again.


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Ever charming visitors that arrive on their luxury yachts founds the Caribbean abounds with clean blue waters and natural beauty appealing. More like a celebrity playground, the Caribbean is made up of many islands, perfect for leisurely exploration. The most famous of the Caribbean Islands, the Virgin Islands is a destination you must explore. The magical archipelago, consisting of more than forty islands and cays, is an absolute treat.



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Encompassing Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, South East Asia has recently increased in popularity when it comes to yachting. This beautiful region lures travelers with its collection of magical gateways and exotic islands. Locations in South East Asia are all unique when it comes to what they can offer travelers – there is the rich cultural, historical and diversity heritage of the Indonesian islands, the delightfully unspoiled islands and adventure rich South China Sea or the rainforests of the Malay Peninsula.


No matter the destination you choose, you can rest assured of access to every amenity to make your stay onboard a pure bliss. Every room on these luxurious yachts is all professionally designed with elegant interior details like marble columns, wooden floors, plush carpets and granite countertops.

Living up to their luxurious reputation, most luxury yachts feature internet access, entertainment systems, and multimedia centers. Powered yachts are perfect for those who wish to combine sporting with elegance adventure. Most vessels will offer wave runners, jet skis, scuba diving and even windsurfing equipment just to explore your surroundings.

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