Most luxurious restaurants you need to visit

Luxury isn’t something that anybody can afford, it is earned after a long struggle. When you have invested your sweat, blood and tears and have finally reached the top then you can afford luxury. The struggle makes the prize all the more sweeter.

There are lots of things you can get when you reach that position in life, some people prefer to have a nice house, others would like to buy luxurious suits and expensive watches and the like. But what most people don’t do is, have a nice luxurious meal fit for a king or a queen.

That is what sets you apart. A meal created from the finest ingredients in the world, prepared by the most qualified chefs in the world and served to you in a lavish restaurant; that is the experience you want to have. Here are some of the most luxurious restaurants in the world.

Martin Berasategui, Spain:

The first addition to our list is named after its head chef, this fine dining luxurious restaurant is located in Lasarte, just outside San Sebastian in Spain. The restaurant is three Michelin starred, meaning its top notch in quality.

It has won the title for the second year in a row for its modern Spanish cuisine. Martin Berasategui serves dishes such as red mullet with edible scale crystals; fennel with saffron and liquid baby squid bonbon; and young pigeon that’s charcoal roasted at a low temperature with potato and truffle bites and forgotten vegetables.

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Maison Lameloise, France:

Next up we have another three Michelin starred restaurant, that is located in the home of luxurious food and fine dining, known as the country France. The country is filled with multiple fine dining opportunities, but this particular restaurant is situated in Chagny.

The food is made from the finest ingredients there are, with highly trained experienced chefs who prepare the dishes with finesse and great care, and all out lavish dining experience are some of the things you will be in store for. The menu is updated from time to time, so you’ll have a different experience every time you go there.


Noma, Denmark:

Next up we have this gem of a restaurant, which is situated in an old whaling warehouse, the restaurant is the place where the “new Nordic” cuisine came into being, which relies exclusively on ingredients available in the region. But today, the restaurant is moving ahead by leaps and bounds, leaving behind its early days of foraged sea buckthorn and reindeer lichen.

A dinner experience in current times will give you a whole kohlrabi, filled with its fermented juice. Next up in the meal you will be served aebleskivers, brushed with a sauce made from fermented grasshopper, and the whole experience ends with a dessert of potato, almond, and plum purée.


Osteria Francescana, Italy:

Next up we have this fine addition on our list from Italy, the country which has made significant contributions to the culinary world and currently one of the most lavish and elegant restaurants in the world serve Italian cuisine. As soon as you step into the establishment, you realize that this is definitely not your ordinary upscale Italian restaurant, especially as this restaurant has abstract contemporary paintings on the wall, but that’s not the real art of the place. The real art is what will be presented to you on a plate.

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Eleven Madison Park, USA:

Next up we have an addition from America, located in New York to be exact. New York is pretty well known for its broadway scene, and that is the touch this place has. The theatrical dining room is hushed, that has its own New York flavor with a bit of European influences. The Swiss-born head chef, Daniel Humm takes fresh ingredients straight from the farm, adds a tiny touch of French influence and creates delicious art in a quintessential New York restaurant. He combines his own culinary influence with everything New York and the result is great food which you must try.

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Kitcho, Japan:

It is said that one of the most delicate, lavish and elegant cuisines in the world is the Japanese cuisine. In our books, that means luxury and that’s why we have this restaurant from Kyoto on our list. This place is famous all over the country for its exquisite Kaiseki, it also the most expensive 3 star Michelin restaurant in the world. A large private room, faultless service and a course after course of delicious food made from highest quality ingredients make this dining experience deserving of a spot on our list.

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Plaza Athenee, France:

Hailing from the city of love, we have this gem. Guests are seated in a beautiful dining room, which features a chandelier of 10,000 crystal pendants, while they choose from a menu made up of rare ingredients by head chef Christophe Saintagne. This restaurant is the perfect place to take your loved one out for a romantic royal dinner, in the most romantic city in the world.

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Mugaritz, Spain:

Another fine addition from Spain; this restaurant operates under the expertise of head chef Andoni Luis Adruiz, who is often said to be the Aristotle of contemporary cuisine. It has many technically accomplished dishes on its menu such as the Bloody Mary tomato, or the chef’s favorite famous potato stones. He manages to consistently surprise and delight his customers, all while maintaining a deep, almost pantheistic reverence for the nature around him.

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Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, UK:

Located in the heart of London, this gorgeous and elegant little place offers the taste of France in the heart of the city of London. It is often said to be the English counterpart of the Parisian Plaza Athenee. Ducasse’s menu is seasonal and is dominated by French cuisine, most of the time, into a seven course tasting menu. In the centre of the restaurant, Table Lumiere is surrounded by 4,500 shimmering fiber optics which allow diners to have ample privacy, which give guests the opportunity to also enjoy the buzz of the restaurant.

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The Ledbury, England:

And last but not the least, we have quite possibly the classical restaurant on the list. The head chef, the Australian born Brett Graham is more focused on pleasure and enjoyment rather than complicated technicality and wizardry.

The result is that the dishes may not be visually striking as compared to other places, but it sure makes up in the flavor department. For example, a buffalo milk curd, spread creamily onto crisp toasts that are topped with Iberico ham and served with a rich onion broth. Or grilled mackerel, its oily brine mellowed with cured avocado and brightened with shiso.

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So there you have it, the list of the most luxurious restaurants in the world. There are other restaurants in the world that also offer the luxurious experience, but these ones in particular surpass every single experience out there; quite simply these 10 restaurants are the best. So get someone you want to treat, or if you prefer alone, start up your private jet and have a luxurious royal meal experience rivaling that of kings and queens. Have fun eating, bon apetite.

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