Themesis Spa Set

Luxury Spa Set

  • THE LUXURY GIFT YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR - Special USEFUL gift your beloved ones or business partners will thank you for months & years. They totally worth it. Everything in harmonic design, practical, compact. This gift is perfect for business partners, coworkers, employees, friends, family, partners, tech-lovers - Make them star of any meeting! Amaze them with with this elegant case for a Birthday, Nameday, Valentine, Thank You or for no reason at all. Your gift will leave a lasting impression.
  • Category: Apparel, Clothing 
  • Model Number: Model No. 2

Silk Bathrobe

This Luxury Silk Bathrobe is made from 100% polyester that is sourced from the finest sources to provide silk-like appearance and comfort. Soft to the touch and easy on the skin while looking absolutely fabulous.

Luxury Silk Bathrobe Features

  • Premium 100% Polyester
  • Feels And Looks Like Premium Grade Silk
  • Includes 2 Pockets, And Belt
  • One Shoulder Pocket
  • Extremely Soft, And Comfortable
  • Durable Quality – Long Lasting
  • Easy To Maintain & Machine Washable


  • MEN – Perfect For 170 – 185 Cm Men
  • WOMEN – Perfect for 165-180 Cm Women

Big Towel

This Luxury Spa Gift Set comes with elegant and comfortable Slippers along with a pure Cotton towel.

100% Pure Cotton Full-Body Towel 140*70CM

The softest towel you’ve ever tried 

Our Elegant Full-Body Towel is perfect for drying off as you step out of the shower or jacuzzi and makes your spa experience all the more comfortable.

Made from the highest quality pure cotton, this Towel is easy on the skin and perfect for drying before you put on our Luxury Silk Bathrobe.


Our Luxury Spa Slippers are made to compliment the bathrobe and are made from 100% pure polyester for long term use and comfort.

The Slippers are available in only one Universal size (43EU – 10US for MEN) and (39EU – 6,5US for WOMEN). Our slippers are designed to be soft, warm and durable to provide long-lasting use and unmatched comfort.

Luxury Gift Packaging

​Bring the luxury of a spa to your home with our Luxury Spa Gift Set that will make you or anyone else feel warm, relaxed and comfortable.

The Perfect Luxury Gift For:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • A friend’s birthday
  • A Wedding Reception
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversary Gift
  • Or Any Other Occasion

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