Hey, are you looking for a place to cut your stress and just unwind, luxury spa hotels are just the perfect places for you? They are also known as exclusive hotels, destination hotels, and also luxury spa resorts. You will certainly enjoy a couple of hours of spa treatment and therapy, and with the rest of the day off to enjoy your vacation.

With the spa, you have every chance to go through a treatment that suits your needs. They can include a massage – Thai, Swedish, with, etc.advices; hydromassage, water therapy – flotation; and aromatherapy. One important part is the staff. These people are very cheerful and helpful, focusing mainly on your wellness. They will help you get through the entire physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing as well as give you food and nut advice.

The hotel offers a gourmet restaurant providing different varieties of food, including local food. You may decide to go to a countryside hotel or a beachside hotel, that’s all up to you. No matter where you choose to go, you will find peaceful surroundings that will help you maintain your relaxed state. To enjoy your vacation, most of these hotels are very well located, mostly near an airport, touristic attraction or railway station.

If you want a relaxing weekend break, spending some nights at a spa hotel would charge your batteries. Get into the new world of indulgence and relaxation at Europe’s highly rated luxury spa hotels, from exotic treatments to award-winning afternoon teas. Here are the best massage spots that this amazing continent has to offer…read on!!


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Modern-day elegance is the perfect word to describe the amazing Berkeley in Knightsbridge. Escape the pollution (and pressures) of the big smoke with one of the ill-famed preta-portea teas in the afternoon, or a relaxing rooftop swims below the stars. Nothing feels more relaxing than haute-design treats, like the Christian Dior pink chocolate biscuits and Chanel lime cakes. This fabulous hotel also tops the list for treatments; enjoy life with traditional Balinese therapies or a nice LaStone massage.



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Canbonastre, a great wine resort located in Spain is what is best described as the masterpiece of indulgence – awesome Mediterranean food, luxurious Lanvin accessories, fine wines and the world-class Acuba Spa. Aside from the myriad treatments, there’s a sauna, pool and steam room to relax. It also features a ‘wine therapy’ program to make sure you’re totally relaxed.



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This is the perfect destination for glamor and glitz. A firm favorite with the stars, it’s not hard to know why Capri pulls in the crowds every year. This excellent hotel takes uber-chic to an entirely new level, and the spa remains the real gem in here. It is a place where you can book a simple mud wrap and a vascular stimulation treatment in just a day. The pool offers incredible scenery, too – explore the serene view of celebs trying to sun themselves, and the sparkling and cliffs seas beyond.



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Another extraordinarily exclusive spa in England, the Lucknam Park is located in the Wiltshire countryside. Lucknam Park is a romantic hideaway of calm and serenity, and the spa is a new expensive extension to the manor house. Have fun with the long list of treatments, hydrotherapy pools, and body-molded heated beds – and if you feel hungry, there’s a fresh, modern brasserie on hand where you can get a snack or two.



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Far away in the Czech Republic, this incredible neo-Baroque boutique hotel can be found in the center of Prague. Certainly, The Alchymist must have never heard of the word “minimalism”; downstairs in the spa, the style is different as it switches over to neo-Bali for the extensive facilities of the health club. Topping the list is the Jacuzzi lit by chandeliers.





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