Top Luxury Mansions and Houses around the World

Everyone has at least once dreamed of owning a huge mansion or a castle with a lot of rooms, gardens, fountains, and even a maze. For some people this is not a dream, it is a reality and it’s for others an image of admiration.

We can find many mansions around the world that will let you with your mouth open and surprisingly amazed, those particular places are usually owned by businessmen, celebrities, and even politicians.

In this article, are going to mention some of the most luxury mansions and houses around the world.

  1. Villa Leopolda

This massive mansion is located in the French Riviera; it was designed and completely made from 1929 to 1931 by Ogden Codman (an American architect). The mansion was named that way because of the man who ordered Leopold II of Belgium. An interesting fact about this mansion is that it was used in the World War II as a military hospital.

The property has a private beach that it is considered by many people as the best beach in the area, a total of 14 bathrooms and 11 bedrooms and if that is not enough a floor area of 20 acres with beautiful gardens, pools and much more.

Mikhail Prokhorov a Russian billionaire purchased the property in 2008 for a total of 399,5€ million.

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  1. Hearst Mansion

This “mansion” could be called “city” instead due to the area and size of the actual mansion located in San Simeon, California, it was commissioned by William Randolph Hearst it took from 1919 to 1947 to be completely built. A sad fact is that he only could enjoy of his mansion for 4 years because he got sick in 1947 and finally died in 1951.

When William Hearst died the house was donated by Hearst Corporation to the state of California in 1957. In the actuality, the place can be visited by tourist to appreciate the facilities and beautiful gardens it has.

The area of the property is 61,7763 square miles, within it has 165 stays for visitors for a total of 56 bedrooms, and 61 bathrooms, it also has huge gardens, two pools, a cinema and a professional tennis court. The estimated worth is 165$ million.

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  1. Versailles House

Created by David Siegel a businessman owner of the Westgate Resorts and located in Windermere Florida, is going to be the fourth more expensive house ever built in the United States of America; it was called and constructed with some similarities of the actual Palace of Versailles in France.

The project started in 2004 and for some financial issues, it hasn’t been completely made yet. The estimated worth of the mansion is around 100$ million.

Versailles House boasts a parking for around 30 cars, two Olympic indoor pools, outdoor pools, cinema, theaters, 11 kitchens, gym, spa, and more.

The place looks like a hotel instead of a house, it actually has its own elevator.

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  1. Updown Court

Updown Court was at his time in 2005 considered the most expensive mansion in the entire world; this mansion is designed with a Californian style but is located in Windlesham, England.

The property has over 100 rooms and a floor area of 58 acres with beautiful landscape and woodlands, the value of this massive mansion was estimated in 138$ million.

Despite the estimated price and characteristics the market situation and financial changes the property was sold by only 69$ million in 2011.

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  1. The Manor

Located in Los Angeles, California the manor is the biggest mansion in the city, the current owners purchased the house in 2011 for 85$ million, it has to be mentioned that wasn’t the original price, the original selling price was 150$ million.

The mansion has 123 rooms and a floor area of 56,000 square feet and includes a pool, tennis court, bowling alley, gym, and a parking lot for 100 cars.

The Manor is also known as Spelling Manor.

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  1. Acqua Liana

This massive masterpiece located in Florida and created by the artist Frank Mckinney is an “eco mansion” with 15,071 square feet, the most impressive characteristic of this mansion is the technologies used to make it ecological.

It has solar panels that represent the 70% of the consumption of energy; it also has access to natural illumination to prevent the usage of electricity as much as possible.

The air conditioner has a system that cleans the air to a point that makes it twice cleaner than an actual hospital´s operation room, one of the most interesting things about the mansion’s systems is the water collection.

The water collection system located on the roof of the infrastructure allows fulfilling the swimming pool with new clean water every 14 days, this system also works to automatically irrigate the landscape and the garden. The eco-mansion has a price of 28$ million.

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  1. The Manapalan Residence

The Manapalan Residence was also a creation of the artist Frank Mckinney but this time is not an “eco-mansion” but still a pretty nice one.

It was really difficult to create this particular property because it took a lot of time traveling different places to see what styles to incorporate into the creation.

After a long work they finally made it, with an area floor of 67,672 square feet and plenty of rooms and bathrooms, the house is just in front of the Atlantic Ocean with a yacht included.

Like most of mansions, this one has a casino, tennis court, gym, aquariums, a club, a theater and more.

The price for the Manalapan Residence is 135$ million.

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  1. Antilia Building

Located in Mumbai, India Antilia Building is considered the most expensive mansion in the world. This precious building belongs to Mukesh Ambani the actual president of Reliance Industries.

It was designed by the well-known architects of Chicago Perkings and Will, the interesting thing about it is that has 27 floors but was designed to be extra tall which in regular tall floors buildings will be around 60 floors, and it was built to resist lv 8 earthquakes in the scale of Richter.

The duration of the construction for this massive building was 4 years, and the most the total cost of it was around 2$ billion.

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Not only the infrastructure of the building was expensive, it also was the terrain in which was built and most importantly the furniture and the indoor decoration of it.

It was difficult to create due to the situation that had to face Mukesh Ambani such as the creation of 3 heliports which in Mumbai laws are prohibited because of the noise laws.

Even the actual building was “against the laws”, but at the end was made it, an example that sometimes money can do anything.

There are plenty more interesting and huge mansions around the world, with different styles and decorations and there are many that have to be created as well.

Who knows for how long is going to be Antilia the most expensive mansion of the world, in this changing world that is always in a competition we can’t really tell when this is going to happen.



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